Flow on Nematode eggs

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 Hi Janet;

Just yesterday we sorted newly hatched C elegans. We used a 200 micron tip,
and of course, low pressure. We found forward scatter to be of limited use
in analyzing these worms - possibly due to their varied orientation in the
stream at the low pressure. AS always, I would check the specimen under a
microscope for doublets, staining, etc before sorting.


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Subject: Flow on Nematode eggs

I have a client who wish to run flow on nematode eggs (Meloidigyne
incognita and Meloidigyne hapla) to stain to look at genome size.  We
tried twice to run them and the first time saw no florescence so we
protocols to PI but the second time we clogged both my machines with the
samples( I am using a BD FACScan and a FACSCalibur).   Can anyone help
us-she has found a paper from 1984 which used flow on a machine made at
Alamos but it doesn't specify what size nozzle they used.  She also does
not know how big the eggs are but you can visualize them in the solution
and they settle out of solution very quickly.

thank you in advance for all your help-I have always had such great luck
with questions on this group.


Janet Dow

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