I-90 laser problem

Frederic Preffer preffer at helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri Jun 21 15:36:04 EST 2002

Dear Arnold

The man who knows all at EVERGREEN laser, Phil Fostini, can likely suggest
a solution...

F Preffer

At 11:32 AM 6/21/02 +0100, Arnold Richard Pizzey wrote:
>Greetings all,
>I am experiencing a problem with my I-90, If I try to advance the current
>beyond 25A I get a lot of electrical noise -sounds a bit like arcing but
>I've checked all components on the power supply and laser head and find no
>evidence of this.
>The voltage across TP16-36 is 240V with the tube not struck and 190V at 25A
>also the relay next to TP28 keeps closing -I think that the tube might be
>trying to take gas fills but I think that the autofill has been disconnected.
>If anyone has any experience of this problem I'd appreciate it if they let
>me know
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