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Yes, heavy lifting is one of the major risks of miscarriage.  One should
probably also practise really good hygiene when working with DNA binding dyes,
BrdU and other mutagens.  The issue of electromagnetic fields has recently been
raised - women exposed to intense electromagnetic fields have a slight to
moderate increased risk of miscarriage but this issue is still controversial.
Also, keep the risks in perspective;  if your friend smokes, drinks, does not
eat a balanced diet, is over 35 years old and/or is not getting good prenatal
care the risks due to these factors probably render any discussions of
occupational risks specific to flowcytometry work irrelevant to the baby's
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I guess lifting the sheath fluid boxes might provr difficult later on. . .
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> Dear Flowers,
> this one caught me completely unprepared:
> A colleague is asking if anybody is aware of potential risk of Flow
> cytometric work (including sample preparation) specific for pregnant
> I remember when I was pregnant I had back problems when I sat too long in
> front of the machine, but that was easily solved taking a walk.
> Thanks a lot for the information,
> Mara
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