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Great Post

For those of you who see your contribution in the first sentence in the
second paragraph, please tone it down



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I've heard about the Purdue site for years and joined the cytometry
mailing list a month ago because I wanted help from the flow
community.  I received an answer to my question and not long
afterwards read the question that spawned the exchange about
questions and replies.

I found it thought provoking (although intimidating) and resisted the
impulse to cancel from the group.  I've had years of experience in a
flow lab where I teach others flow cytometry,  but have much to
learn.  I've told new operators that there is much subjectivity and
differences of opinion in flow cytometry, yet a need to have data
that gives the "correct'" answer.  The Purdue site is a place where
issues can be aired and discussions occur that move us towards

When I joined, I received a great response about the mailing list.
This might be a good place to have a link to "frequently asked
questions" about using the mailing list.   Some of the common
practices could be listed -- using fluorchrome identifiers instead of
FLs,  posting to the group a summary of responses received from
individuals, examples of questions, etc.  Also a list of references
by subject might answer some questions that are very large, like how
do I flow leukemias and lymphomas, how do I properly display data?
Thanks to all that share their expertise!

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