Langerhan's Cells

Karim Vermaelen Karim.Vermaelen at
Mon Feb 11 03:33:05 EST 2002

On 7/2/02 10:55 PM, "Houston, Jim" <Jim.Houston at> wrote:

> To All:
> Anyone have some information about detecting Langerhan's  by Flow?  Any
> info/direction would be helpful.
> Jim Houston
For human LC or epidermal dendritic cells, check out the combo HLA-DR+ CD1a+
E-cadherin+ CCR6+ while FactorXIIIa neg. CD14 neg. in contrast to dermal DC
(and also CD3 neg. CD19 neg. CD16/56 neg.). S100 is a marker often used in
immunohistochemistry of LC histiocytosis, but I don't know if it's been
tried on Flow.
Mice LC are also Lin- and have relatively abundant MHCII, plus also surface
CD11c, F4/80 and E-cadherin but no CD1a on murine DC.

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