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Nawroly, Niga n.nawroly at
Fri Dec 20 06:37:48 EST 2002

Dear all

One of our lab's searchers have been looking at gamma delta T cells (very
low percentage of PBMCs).  Now, he wants to present his data in dotplots
(paper quality). The problem is that, he did not acquire enough cells to be
able to see a nice population when it is printed out.

My question is to know if there is a way by using a software to make the
dots look more realistic (each dot representing one cell or half a cell!).

PS: We use winlist, cellquest and WinMDI

Have a merry Xmas and a happy new year :-)

Many thanks in advance
Niga  Nawroly
Head of flow cytometry
Department of Respiratory Medicine
Imperial College (St.Mary's)
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