energy transfer

James Marvin jmarvin at
Mon Aug 12 14:19:12 EST 2002


I am having a little problem understanding this whole energy transfer
issue.  Say you had a GFP protein and another protein fused with DS
Red.  Also say that these two proteins are supposed to interact with each
other.  The energy should be transferred from high energy to low
energy.  Or GFP to DS Red.
So her comes the questions.  Does this strictly result in a loss of GFP
fluorescence and a gain in DS Red fluorescence?  One of our users went to a
lecture that stated that you actually can get a change in emitted
wavelength(Unpublished data). In the above example the DS Red would now be
Yellow in emission.  Is this True?  Could this be true for confocal but not
for Flow?  Do we now need to use a different dichroic to find the double
positive cells? Am I totally off on this whole issue?  Be nice!!!

   Thanks in advance for the help,   marv

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