Cicero repair

Robert J. Olson rolson at
Wed Sep 26 07:59:37 EST 2001

Dear Group,
    A few weeks ago I sent an inquiry to the group about repairing a
Cicero interface unit, after being told by Cytomation in Colorado that
they no longer supported Cicero.  I got several replies to the effect
that that was terrible of Cytomation, and I'd just like to let people
know that Brian Hall, of Cytomation International in Germany, also
responded.  I sent him my unit and he was able to get it fixed and
returned very promptly.  I'm not sure about the long-term viability of
this as a solution, but I was very happy to see him step forward like
     Rob Olson

Robert J. Olson
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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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