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I have been looking for anti-dog TNFalpha for a few months with no success.  I
am measuring TNFalpha levels in serum with WEHI cells.  These cells are very
sensitive to TNF (of various species).  Unfortunately, TNFbeta and alpha are
both detected in the assay so in order to confirm that what is being cetected is
TNFalpha we need to find a good anti-dog antibody against this cytokine.  We
have examined a number of the commercially available antibodies (against rat,
mice, and human) and none seems to crossreact with dog.  I am also looking for
dog TNFalpha so that we can have a standard to test against.  Has anyone found a
commercial source of dog TNFalpha?

If you have any information please post it in the conference.


Ed Cabrera
Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals
Mason, OH

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Does anyone know whether antibodies exist that recognize canine TNF-alpha or
other dog cytokines?

Keith A. Reimann, DVM
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