3 laser combinations

Arnold Pizzey a.pizzey at UCL.ac.uk
Fri Sep 7 05:27:37 EST 2001

Greetings all,

I am acquiring a I-90 laser to go alongside the HeNe and air-cooled Ar
units on our Elite.

 I routinely use FITC/PE/PerCP/APC (APC time gated on PMT4) in our current
configuration and would like to preserve this with the possibility of
adding AMCA/Cascade blue as an extra colour oh, and i'd like also to be
able to use the 514 line! -I guess my question is; which arrangement of
laser optics i.e. beamsplitters, mirrors etc. is lilkely to give me the
greatest flexibility. I apreciate this might be an impossible question to
answer: too many variables, but I think it would be informative to hear how
others have configured similar systems (multi-line Ar, 488nM Ar, HeNe)

Thank you in advance


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