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You are not being overly vigilant.  In fact, anyone not teaching the
appropriate use of negative and compensation controls ought not to be
teaching.  While I have done thousands of samples by using a standard set of
stains, I always include the negatives as a means of appropriately setting
up the machine.  If your client feels a need to discuss this further, I am
sure there are many on this list who would be willing to set him straight.

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>	I have a client who is teaching an undergraduate immunology class
> this
> fall.  He approached me about including Flow Cytometry.  I was thrilled to
> help and introduce a new batch of potential scientists to Flow Cytometry.
> Week number one the class came to the lab to get an overview of Flow
> Cytometry.  This week they were doing an experiment which involved single
> and double staining of spleen and thymocytes.  When the samples arrived I
> was pretty surprised.  My client, their instructor, had not done any
> negative controls of any kind.	No Igg controls, no unstained cells,
> nothing.  When I approached him about it he did not seem to think it was a
> problem, after all he has done this staining for years.
>	I am curious what this listserve has to think about this.  Am I
> being over
> vigil about the need to include negative controls in the education
> process.
>  As far as I am concerned, there is no way to validate this experiment to
> the students.  Flow cytometery is what I spend my working day on and it
> irks me to no end to see it presented incorrectly.  Am I correct to
> consider this presentation of Flow incorrect?  Am I getting caught up on
> philosophical issues and missing the point here?
>	The lab is coming back again next week to learn about apoptosis.  I
> don't
> want to open a can of worms if it isn't warranted.
>	Thanks in advance for all feedback.
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