Multi level beads for linearity, etc

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That is correct, they are a distributor, just as we are. My advice, get your
best price!

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>>Hi All,
>>I have a B/D FACScan and two Coulter XLs.  I'm looking for the
>quintessential multi-level
>>fluorescent bead product to do linearity and sensitivity, compatible with
>both Coulter
>>and B/D.
>>Thanks in advance
>>Hello Deborah,
>>I have used Sphero rainbow calibration particles from Spherotec inc. (cat
>>no. RCP-30-5A) on our ELITEs with success they have 8 fluorescence peaks
>>(of which I can resolve 6 on a good day). I have used them as a one-off to
>>check linearity/sensitivity and have also 'spiked' them into samples as an
>>internal standardisation control -if anyone would like a copy of the excel
>>formula that processes the values they can contact me directly.
>>Best regards,
>Hi all,
>I wouldn't hold this as total gospel, but I was discussing the need for
some beads
>with a BD rep a few months back, and he indicated that BD rainbow beads are
>from spherotec. Can anyone confirm this?
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