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Thu Oct 4 15:15:02 EST 2001

Hello fellow flowers:

I have been asked to give a 20-30 minute presentation on Flow cytometry to fellow
scientist here in our company. The purpose of the presentation is to foster a wider
understanding of technology available to research scientists. My target audience will
be fellow scientists who are currently not using flow cytometry. The point is to make
them more aware of what they could potentially do with flow to further their research.

I plan to start out with a basic intro to flow cytometry, the principles and
instrumentation. Next I want to give real world examples of the type of analyses one
can do using the instrument, such as basic surface staining, intracellular cytokine
analysis, and soluble MHC Class I tetramer staining. This is easy for me since this is
what I routinely use the instrument for. However, these types of analyses are not the
most appropriate for my target audience, because if they needed to do ICC or tetramer
staining, they would be in my group and they would already know how to do it! I need to
present approaches I'm not currently using such as DNA analysis, cell cycle analysis,
sorting, cytokine bead array, etc.

If anyone has any Powerpoint slides (or knows of a source of slides) describing the
use of flow cytometry to do cell cycle analysis, DNA analysis, cytokine bead arrays,
or anything outside of the ordinary surface staining, I would greatly appreciate if
you could e-mail me a copy.

Any and all help I can get would be greatly appreciated and would help to spare what
little is left of my weekend.

Thanks again.

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