Dorte Christiansen dorte.christiansen at nss.nhn.no
Thu Oct 4 02:01:06 EST 2001

Hi Flowers!

As a novice in the field of apoptosis I wish to get a few opinions from some
of you experts.

We wish to study apoptosis in whole blood after stimulation with e.coli. We
have a standard FACSCalibur with one laser (488 nm) and I indeed like simple
assays with minimal handling of the samples. Tips of any commercial kits or
antibodies would also be welcomed.

Which early marker of apoptosis would be suitable? Detection of caspase
activity or trans membrane potential or something else?
Does anyone know the timeaspects from here to the ability of binding
annexin, as I understand would be an easy marker to study together with PI?
Is annexinbinding actually a late marker?
And if we wish to study a late marker what would then be suitable, when
taking into consideration the ability to distinguish between necrosis and
late apoptosis?


Dorte Christiansen
Research lab
Nordland Central Hospital
Bodø, Norway

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