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CD4+/CD8+/CD3+ cells are 1-4% range of the lymphocyte population from our
HIV+ patients. Most of the cells are brightCD4+/dimCD8+ but all combinations
of bright and dim are possible. We include these dual positive cells in both
the CD3+/CD4+ and CD3+/CD8+ counts. What do other labs do with these cells
and why?

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A phenomenon frequently forgotten is coincidence.  If two cells enter the
volume at the same time they will be seen as one event with the properties
of both cells.
This is a very common problem in my world (platelets) and should be
considered as a
possible explanation for any kind of unexpected dual expression of markers.
It would
be interesting to know if the frequency of CD4/CD8 doubles changes as the
flow rate changes (i.e change the sample pressure or dilute the specimen.)

Ken Ault

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