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The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center will be celebrating
its 10th anniversary in April, and as part of the program will offer
an all-day symposium at Rockefeller University on HIV. The program
includes presentations by leading ADARC scientists as well as
distinguished invited speakers. The Caspary Auditorium is located
on 1230 York Ave at 66th street.

                            TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

                     ADARC 10th Anniversary Symposium
                          Tuesday, April 17, 2001
              Caspary Auditorium, The Rockefeller University

8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-09:20     Welcome and ADARC History & Accomplishments (David Ho,
9:20-10:00     Keynote Address: Host Factors in HIV Pathogenesis (Anthony
Fauci, NIAID)
10:00-10:20    Enhancing the Potency of Antiviral Therapy (Michael Louie,
10:20-10:40    Coffee Break
10:40-11:10    HIV Vaccine Development (Norman Letvin, Harvard)
11:10-11:40    Induction of HIV Neutralizing Antibodies (Leonidas
Stamatatos, ADARC)
11:40-12:00    The Role of Thymus in SIV/HIV Pathogenesis (Sarah Tuttleton,
12:00-1:30     Lunch Break
1:30-2:00 Structure/Function of HIV gp41 & Fusion Inhibitors (Don Wiley,
2:00-2:30 Diversity of HIV/SIV & Origin of the Epidemic (Better Korber, Los
2:30-2:50 SHIV Transmission Studies (Janet Harouse, ADARC)
2:50-3:10 Coffee Break
3:10-3:40 HIV Virion Assembly (Paul Bieniasz, ADARC)
3:40-4:00 HIV Integrase (Mark Muesing, ADARC)
4:00-4:30 Fighting HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries  (Jeffrey Sachs,
4:30-4:31      Concluding Remarks (David Ho, ADARC)

Peter Lopez
The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
212.448.5188 (office)
212.448.5159 (fax)
212.448.5190 or 5110 (lab)

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