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Hello to all,
This is a very basic question and comes right in my back yard.... University
of Miami School of Medicine.  When I answer a question I usually answer
privately and especially to this one..... all she had to do was ask anyone
on campus and they would have told her to contact me in the Core Flow
Lab.... but she didn't..... If you are interested in hearing the answers
from a question... just contact the person directly and ask him or her to
forward you the responses... I have done this in the past and everyone was
extremely helpful..  I haven't been on the board for a while so I will take
this opportunity to say hello to everyone..
Jim Phillips
University of Miami School of Medicine
Flow Cytometry Core Lab

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I am interested in replies to this quiestion as well.  I see many
questions posted on this list, but very few replies.  Do people normally
reply privately or is it typical to not generate much discussion with
basic quesitons?  I have seen several very good questions raised over the
past week and am eagerly awaiting someone's response to any of them.

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Ashman, Margarita wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with annexin V for running apoptosis
> Thanks
> Margarita Ashman
> mashman at med.miami.edu

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