Detection of eosinophils

Thu Jun 28 15:04:03 EST 2001

Dr. Gilles Devouassoux inquires:
 " I want to analyze the eosinophil population from PBMC and sputum using
> Several selection markers have been described. What is the best
> technique!!!!! Any suggestion will be appreciated "
A simple and perhaps the least expensive method to detect easinophils
utilizes  FITC. This reagent has approximately 1000 times higher affinity to
label eosinophils than any other blood cells (Bedner et al., Cytometry, 36:
77-82, 1999). Thus, at concentration between 2 and 500 nM FITC can be used a
specific marker of human eosinophils. Most likely FITC binds to the
eosinophil granule major basic protein. It is unknown whether it can also
may be used to selectively label mice or other animal species eosinophils.
It should be noted, however, that eosinophils have strong blue
autofluorescence upon UV light illumination which also can be used to
distinguish them, at least from other blood cells. I expect that the the
companies that sell monoclonal antibodies as markers will try to dissuade
the use of FITC as they prefer to sell rather more expenive products.
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