absolute cell counts using FACS

Mark Kukuruga kukuru at med.umich.edu
Sun Jun 17 12:20:27 EST 2001

Long before we had people making counting beads for us, people were doing this themselves
with any bead they had that was easily detected separate from cells either by 1) size,
and/or 2) fluorescence.  Products available today are advantageous from a QC angle,
since they've been "optimized" for single suspension, and they've been assayed for count
and fluorescence.  These are very useful . . . if you think it's worth the added cost.
I think in many cases, it is, since one can spend equally (or more) simply getting
something to work.  But, you could simply count some beads you already have, add a
known number to a known volume, then do your own volume calibration.
If this is any indication . . . A recent query suggested Coulter's Flow Count beads -
- we're trying those.

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Hi everybody ,
Can anyone recommend a microsphere kit for performing simple cell counts
on numerous samples using the FACS? BD's Truecount beads are only sold
along with a MAb. Our cells do not have to be labelled. Any simpe
alternative? (NB: our good ol' Coulter particle counter is dead)

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