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	I think a paper worth looking at, which is relevant to your question, is
K.Toba et al./Journal of Immunological methods 182 (1995) 193-207.
	They compared five "DNA/RNA" dyes (PI,7AAD,AO,PY,TO) and for stated
voltages and compensation settings on a particular instrument provide a
table for comparison of emission spectra and nucleic acid binding
	Hope this helps
At 12:20 PM 6/6/01 +0200, you wrote:
>My intention is to use SYTO red for RNA specific staining like I use
>Pyronine- Y. Does anyone knows if this possible?
>When I stain the DNA with Hoechst or DAPI (selective for DNA), the
>Pyronine-Y finds no place in these molecules, and therefore binds only to
>the RNA, wich is then the only nucleic acid that has free binding points.
>-> Could I block the DNA with Hoechst or DAPI and then stain with SYTO red
>to detect the RNA?
>Would SYTO red still find free binding points when the DNA is allready
>stained with one of these DNA selective fluorochromes?
>Thanks for your attention!
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