Paula Fukushima pif at
Wed Jun 6 11:03:51 EST 2001

  Hi List,
    I have a question about Becton Dickinson's Trucount product. The tubes
come with no product insert so I went on their Web page I found a procedure
for absolute CD4 counts which I have tried to adapt to a cell death
assay.When calculating absolute counts, their procedure says use a test
volume which is found on the foil package. There is no test volume listed,
just the number of beads per lot. Has anyone else used this product to
determine absolute counts for tissue culture with reproducible results?

    After getting weird results we contacted BD who states that the
procedure is wrong so I guess you cannot count on the accuracy of their Web
site. I'm pretty bitter after spending lots of time and money on this.


Paula Fukushima
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