FACScalibur instrument settings for PI ploidy/apoptosis acquisition

Maciej Simm simmmmer at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 14:51:46 EST 2001

I'm posting this on behalf of a collegue. She's doing an assay with
just PI looking at the peaks before/after incubation of her cells in
pro-apoptotic drugs.  If anyone looks at PI on a Calibur, could you
fill me in on the instrument settings that work the best? I would
appreciate any other tips.


>find out voltage settings for the PI assay. in particular ask  about
>a printout of an acquisition template they use. also -

>fsc    lin or log? what voltage?
>ssc   same as above
>fsc    s.a.a.
>fl2     s.a.a.
>fl3     s.a.a.

>what about compensation?

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