Can EYFP be run on FACScan?

Mark Kukuruga kukuru at
Tue Jul 24 08:42:29 EST 2001

We've done EYFP on our Elite sorter using an air-cooled argon 488 nm line, about 15 mW.
So, I would suspect this would also work on your Scan.

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>>> "Nancy Harvey" <nharvey at> 07/23/01 12:00PM >>>

I have an investigator who wants to check samples that have enhanced YFP.  The ideal
excitation is 514.  Has anyone been able to detect EYFP with the 488 excitation of
a FACScan?

I could tune the primary laser on the Vantage to 514, but have only 488/10 filters
for FSC and SSC.

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

Nan Harvey
University of MS Medical Center
Jackson, MS  39216

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