Rhesus Exclusive Antibodies

mandy cromwell mandy_cromwell at hms.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 19 12:18:57 EST 2001


Biosource International http://www.biosource.com/ has an anti-CD3
clone that doesn't recognize human or other Hominoidea species. Your
colleage could use this for the T  cell hybridomas. I'm sorry I don't
have a suggestion for a B cell-specific Ab.
Good luck,

Mandy Cromwell

>Hello Everyone!
>A colleague of mine is looking for a way to differentiate human cells
>from rhesus cells (they are B and T cell hybrid cell lines).  She was
>wondering if there are any antibodies that are exclusive for rhesus.
>She's got antibodies that stain only human cells, but would like a
>rhesus exclusive antibody as a control for her experiement.  She is
>looking for a way to exclude the possibility of cross contamination
>between the human and rhesus cell lines.
>Thanks to all for reading this,


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