Cells in Milk

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Dear Wolfgang,

Years ago (and probably still) Coulter sold a cytometry specifically
designed for counting cells in milk. Someone from Coulter in Miami may have
information. I remember the service technicians talking about serving the
instrument. As I recall, formaldehyde was involved and the fixative seemed
to collect in the instrument along with sour milk--nasty stuff.)

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> Hi, flowers
> I am looking for Infos about measuring cells in milk. There has been an
> article in Cytometry, in 1988, which I have.
> It should be possible to extract the cells (lymphocytes, granulocytes
> etc) with lightscatter, what I have heard so far, but we not really
> successful.
> Perhaps there are more outside there, who may be interested in...
> Best regards from Munich
> Wolfgang Beisker
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