Jeff Louie jlouie at hsc.usc.edu
Tue Jul 17 13:30:00 EST 2001

I have tried using 7AAD for viability using the procedure from Current
Protocols in Cytometry section 9.2.3. I made the stock solution using
the procedure found on 7.11.4.  I am using a FacsCalibur flow routinely
used for three color applications and selected the Percp setting for my
analysis. The results on one bone marrow sample demostrated clear
negative and positive populations, but included a moderately bright 7AAD
positive population between the neg and pos population. The positive
population was determined/verified by setting up a previously fixed
sample, CDChex,  as a positive control and the bone marrow sample used
was tested on the same day it was collected. I would like to have some
imput and a few alternate procedures to follow to eliminate the
indeterminate populations or better understand the significance of the
moderately bright 7AAD population on a fresh sample.


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