Alternative for streptavidin-RED670

Richard Haugland richard.haugland at
Tue Jul 10 16:15:50 EST 2001

We have just yesterday released an Alexa Fluor 647 R-phycoerythrin conjugate of
streptavidin that we believe is better than Red 670 (brighter and probably less
FL2 compensation required) with virtually identical absorption and emission

Emission (normalized) excited at 488 nm:

Invitrogen also killed Red 613. We have made an Alexa Fluor 610 R-phycoerythin
but find that its  binding to monocytes in not yet acceptable but we are
working on an alternative to that tandem conjugate that we find to have less
nonspecific background.

Arnold Richard Pizzey wrote:

> Greetings all,
> Over the last few years I have been assaying G-CSF receptors using
> biotinylated ligand on various cell types. By far the best second layer for
> maost cell types has been streptavidin-RED670  from Gibco/BRL, sadly due to
> the invitrogen merger, many lines have been discontinued -one of them being
> my second layer of choice.
> I wonder if any others have had some experience of alternate second layers;
> the excitation may be either 488 or 633.
> Regards,
> Arnold
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