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Looks like your contact has been looking into the literature.  Most of the
relevant work can be found under Susan Mueller from Leipzig and the chap who
originally started microbial cytometry in 1974, Karl Josef Hutter.  Start with
the 97 article. Unfortunately the MONATSSCHRIFT FUR BRAUWISSENSCHAFT (monthly
journal for brewery science) is in German, but it contains most of the material
you want.

Good luck


Muller S, Hutter KJ
     Process optimisation of pure culture and pitching method by means of flow
zytometry in Saxony breweries
     MONATSSCHR BRAUWISS 52: (3-4) 40-48 MAR-APR 1999

    Muller S, Hutter KJ, Bley T, et al.
     Dynamics of yeast cell states during proliferation and non proliferation
periods in a brewing reactor monitored by multidimensional flow cytometry
     BIOPROCESS ENG 17: (5) 287-293 OCT 1997

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I have had an enquiry from someone in the brewing industry regarding flow
cytometry methods for yeasts. They are specifically interested in Cell cycle
analysis with PI, Viability with PI/ Fluorescein diacetate, Intracellular
pH, Neutral lipids with Nile Red?, Glycogen with acriflavin, Mitochondria
with Rhodamine 123, flocculation with ConA-FITC lectin.

I have had no experience with any of these areas and was hoping that someone
out there may be able to point me in the right direction. Any tips or
references would be much appreciated.


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