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My guess is that the population of cells that seems to be reduced adhere
better to one tube versus the other.  You could always try coating the
cheaper tubes with BSA, but then are they still a bargain?

David McFarland
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rrueckert at fz-borstel.de on 28-Jun-2001 14:23

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Subject:  FACS tubes

I'm using a BD FACS Calibur with the (transparent) BD Falcon tubes for
many years. However, last week i tested some (cheaper and more opaque)
Sarstedt tubes in comparison to the Falcons and I got totally different
results in murine T-cell expression of CD25, CD69 (positive vs.
negative)  and CD62L (high vs. low) in the same cells only correlated to
the tubes.
Does anyone have an explanation for this or found similar phenomens?
So never change a winning team or shold one choose the tubes which will
give the expected results?
Any suggestions will be welcome.
Thnks a lot

R. Ruckert
Research Center Borstel

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