Bacterial esterase detection

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Sun Jul 8 21:33:42 EST 2001

Dear List,

I recently tried using 5-(and 6-) carboxyfluoresceine diacetate,
succinimidyl ester (CFDA/SE) for flow cytometric detection of esterase
active bacteria in water samples (ie. as an indication of bacterial
viability).  Unfortunately, for various reasons, the assay was unsuccessful.

I am currently searching for another method for detecting esterase active
bacteria.  I have read many papers that have successfully used
carboxyfluoresceine diacetate (CFDA), although I am a bit reluctant to try
this as it is a similar compound to CFDA/SE which I have already had trouble

I am also thinking of trying ChemChrome B and/or ChemChrome V6, although I
have been told by the manufacturer (Chemunex) that they wont sell these
reagents unless they are to be used on their own instrumentation.

Therefore, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has successfully used
any of the reagents mentioned above.  I would also like any
comments/suggestions for other compounds that people may have used for the
detection of esterase active bacteria.


Daniel Hoefel

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