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The easiest -- assuming one has multi-lasers and a UV source -- is to combine Hoechst
33342 DNA staining in live cells with GFP expression measurements.  This is a fairly
straightforward two laser application, well documented in methods literature.
I've also seen discussions where aldehyde fixed cells  are permeabilized with ethanol
for labeling with PI (or 7-AAD).  We've done some of this, and it seems to work.
I would suspect that the trick will be in the nature of the GFP expression, and
differential sensitivity to permeabilization.
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>>> Tim Kute <tkute at wfubmc.edu> 07/06/01 16:37 PM >>>

    Dear All,
        A fellow investigator has asked if the expression of FGP
(fluorescent green protein) is cell cycle related?  Are there any flow
people that have tried to answer this question.  If so, what was the
results and how did you do it by flow?

Thanks for any help in advance,

Tim Kute
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC

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