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Cytometry 1987 Mar;8(2):235-9

                       An improved immunocytochemical procedure for
high-sensitivity detection of incorporated

                       Beisker W, Dolbeare F, Gray JW.

                       This report describes an improved immunochemical
procedure to stain cells in suspension for incorporated bromodeoxyuridine
                       (BrdUrd) and total DNA content. The procedure consists
of five steps: chromatin proteins are extracted by treating with 0.1 M
                       HCl and 0.7% Triton X-100 to facilitate DNA denaturation
and to minimize nonspecific staining; cellular DNA is denatured by
                       heating to 100 degrees C in distilled water; BrdUrd in
single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) is stained using an immunochemical
                       procedure; autofluorescence is reduced using sodium
borohydride (NaBH4); and DNA is stained with the fluorescent dye
                       propidium iodide. With this procedure, the BrdUrd
incorporated by CHO cells during periods as short as a few seconds can be
                       detected using flow cytometry. In addition, the
stoichiometry of the immunofluorescent staining procedure is high.

Jan_F_Keij at wrote:

> Folks,
> I am looking for a paper (in Cytometry?) where boron hydride was used to
> quench autofluorescence in a  BrdU application.  PubMed and OVID yield only
> 20 hits for boron hydride so the mentioning of it must be hidden in the
> text.  Anyone remember that paper?
> Thanks,
> Jan.
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