Medimachine for functional studies

Richard Konz RKonz at
Thu Jan 18 15:08:37 EST 2001


I have been using the BD Medimachine especially in mouse thymus.  Doing parallel
studies with the Medimachine vs standard grinding, I find the cell recovery and purity
to be very similar.  With the advantage of convenience and the availability of sterile
medicons in 35 and 50um sizes, I find the medimachine a very useful tool.

All the very best,

-Rich Konz

Richard Konz, Jr.
Manager; Flow and Image Cytometry Core Facility
Genetics Institute
87 Cambridge Park Drive
Cambridge, MA  02140
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>>> "Dan on Wesley" <holterda at> 01/18 9:58 AM >>>

Hello fellow flowers;
    We are a Tumor Immunology Lab and I wonder if anyone has used the B-D
medimachine to dissociate mouse tumors.  We currently digest with enzymes
for phenotyping but have recently been concerned that the functions of the
infiltrating immune cells may not reflect their true characteristics.   We
would like to correlate phenotypic changes with functional changes in these
cells.  I would appreciate any advice .

   Daniel Holterman
   Eastern Virginia Medical School

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