making figures from facs histograms

Viktor vjovic at beotel.yu
Fri Jan 5 19:57:16 EST 2001

Hello Idit

There is no need to scan your plots. Everything that has been said here,
about the stuff is usefull, so far. Still, you can obtain good results by
using shareware program Graphic Converter, that is written only for macs and
by simple copying & pasting  from CellQuest to GC to get desirable graphic
format outputs (there are more than 20 of them in options).
Also, if anyone is more familiar with this software, one can tell you its
web adress. To make outputs in  .eps format (desirable for most of the
journals)QuarckXPress is still the best solution. If there are any solutions
which are less expensive than these, please flow people, publish them on the
cytometry mailing list.

Lots & lots & lots a good flow wishes to all participants in 2001


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> Hi Idit, you can organize quite nice graphics from the cellquest graphics.
> I used to select only the histogram that I will copy, then go to copy and
> then move to the graphic program, in my case I use powerpoint, then I
> pasted it and the graphic will come very nice. Then, I will save the file
> as powerpoint or JPG if I want it to transfer into photoshop. I hope it
> will help. Cheers Rafael
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