tetanus toxoid- please circulate

Giovanna Borsellino gborsel at tin.it
Thu Dec 20 03:36:24 EST 2001

Hello Mara,

we use Tetanus toxin, C-fragment, Calbiochem cat.582235


Good luck


At 11:08 19/12/2001 +0000, Roccm at mf.mri.sari.ac.uk wrote:

>Dear all,
>sorry for a non - flow related question, but I hope some of you could be of
>I am trying to source some tetanus toxoid to use as recall antigen in in
>vitro proliferation tests.
>The source I found cited in different publications (Statens Institute,
>Copenhagen) doesn't seem to answer my fax (intended as facsimile
>transmissions to be precise). I found other toxoids on the market, but I
>would prefer to have your opinion on the one that is working in your lab.
>Thank you very much in advance for your answer,
>and a Very Merry Christmas and even happier New Year to everybody
>(especially to whom had the patience to read the whole e-mail).
>Dr. Mara S.L. Rocchi, DVM, PhD
>Moredun Research Institute
>International Research Centre
>Pentland Science Park
>Bush Loan
>Penicuik EH26 0PZ
>Scotland UK
>e-mail: roccm at mf.mri.sari.ac.uk
>Tel: 0131-4455111 ext. 464/461
>Fax: 0131-446235
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