FACSCalibur Red Diode Laser Reliability

Alice L. Givan Alice.L.Givan at dartmouth.edu
Tue Dec 18 18:23:29 EST 2001

Only help I can be  is to tell you that we have had a Calibur with a red diode laser
for about three years (I'm not sure who the supplier is). The Calibur is used all
day every day (the red laser is used lots, but  not all the time).  In three years,
we have not had to have the red laser (or the argon laser,  for that matter) replaced.
It still seems to be working fine.

One point is that we try to be careful to  turn the red laser off manually when we
are finished with a four color protocol.  Otherwise it will stay on unnecessarily
until someone invokes instrument settings that turn it off.  I have been told that
this extra use is worse for it than extra on-ing and off-ing.

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