Flow Cytometer needs home

David L Haviland David.L.Haviland at uth.tmc.edu
Fri Dec 14 17:51:53 EST 2001


> We have a stocking stuffer that is sure to please all the "old school"
> flowers out there. We need to find a home for our Coulter Epics 753 flow
> cytometer. It is fully operational with the .....

I must find that I am compelled to thank you for the picture of your
machine.   I wish I could offer it a home but I can't.   However, that is
not the reason I'm writing.   You took me, and likely a few others on this
list, down a wonderful trip through memory lane.  Although I operate and
supervise a BD Calibur and standard Vantage, I learned flow cytometery on a
machine much like the the one you are offering back in the mid-80's.
Seeing the picture brought back a flood of grad school memories of rolling
the laser from Vis to UV, setting up to sort, and conducting analysis.
Although I am a very happy Vantage user, there were days before the Vantage
and post 753 where I've worked with machines that were best tossed out the
window.   It was then when I appreciated the simplicity of the 753 bench.
I'm glad to see they are still operating.    Many thanks for the picture, I
intend to archive it...

Best of luck in finding it a GOOD home...    A machine like that may best be
appreciated by a small college that can't afford a new one but could make
good use of it in training  students.

Many thanks,

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