G4 for FACSCalibur - and a plug for Mario!!

Adrian Smith A.Smith at centenary.usyd.edu.AU
Fri Sep 29 19:06:31 EST 2000

And even if you are using the "other" platform for acqusition, you
can always buy a Mac just to run FlowJo. Some of us think it is that


>Like you and many others in this world, I have one of the other 90% of the
>computers at home.  I do not like it, but the other major occupant of the
>household (my wife) required it for her job.  However, like 90% of the Folw
>Cytometry users out there, I have a BD instrument that uses a MAC to acquire
>and analyze my data.  So, I subscribe to the "do work at work" theory and
>use the MAC, which by the way I do prefer.  Mario's (and Adam's) FlowJo
>software is a very nice alternative, and any software that is an alternative
>to paying big bucks to certain Flow companies should be most heartily
>So, let Mario plug away and let the users of the minority instruments tout
>their advantages if they wish as well.  That is, if there are any???
>Randy Fischer
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>>  So Mario, when are you going to talk about software that runs on computers
>>  that
>>  the other 90% plus that people have.......in terms of world computer
>>  sales, Apple is right up there at .....4%!!
>  > Paul
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