placental digestion

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For human placenta, check out Ritson and Bulmer, J Immun Methods,
1987, 104:231-6.  Be aware, however, that enzymatic dispersal methods
do tend to affect cell phenotypes.  If you are interested in looking
specifically at human intervillous blood, check out the following
1) Rasheed et al., J Immunol Methods, 1992. 146:185-93.
2) Camelo et al., Fetal Diagn Ther, 1995. 10:322-325.
3) Moore et al, J Immunol Methods, 1997. 209, 93-104.

We use the latter routinely.  It's very gentle and yields a huge
amount of maternal intervillous blood cells that are free from fetal
cell contamination.

Good luck!

Julie Moore

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Does anyone have a protocol or reference for digesting mouse or human
placenta to single cells for sorting?
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