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Jason, Janine jmj1 at CDC.GOV
Fri Sep 29 09:44:25 EST 2000

We may have a full-time position opening in our laboratory at the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA.  We are looking for a
person skilled in flow cytometry, as well as in general cell culture and
immunologic techniques.  Our research involves a unique combination of
immunology and epidemiology research, examining the immune correlates of HIV
and opportunistic bloodstream infections.  We are most intensely
investigating the roles of  immunoregulatory cell types and cytokine
networks in these infections.  Ongoing and upcoming studies include
collaborative projects in Malawi Africa, Kathmandu Nepal, and São Paulo
Brazil.  In-house research techniques includes 6+ parameter flow cytometry
(Becton Dickinson equipment), plate ELISAs, bead ELISAs, and PCR.
Laboratory and offices are brand new, sunny, and beautiful.  The person
would have to enjoy working with students and fellows.

Interested people should contact me at the email address below for more

 Janine Jason, M.D.
Mailstop A25
Chief and Medical Scientist, Immunoregulatory Laboratory
HIV Immunology and Diagnostic Serology Branch
Division of AIDS, STDs, and Tuberculosis Laboratory Research
National Center for Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Telephone 404-639-3919
FAX 404-639-2108
E-mail JMJ1 at

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