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Fri Sep 29 11:14:53 EST 2000

Hi Flow-ers,

Our flow lab is in the fortunate position of being able to add another
analyzer to our core facility.  One of our researchers would like to add uv
capabilities to the lab, specifically for Ca++ measurements.  At present we
are trying to determine the best method to to accomplish this.  The lab
currently has an Elite sorter with gated amplifier that has an Argon and a
HeNe laser, and an XL analyzer.  We are currently evaluating whether it is
preferable to buy a HeCd for the Elite and then buying a separate analyzer
( XL or FacsCalibur), or wherther we should purchase the BD-LSR (with three
lasers).  Since this is a new machine, I'd appreciate any comments from
those who have this instrument, as well as comments from others who have
faced a similar choice.  I am most concerned with issues regarding
reliability, easy of use, and utility of the LSR.

Comments may be sent directly to me at:

luann+ at

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