Rituxan for dim/negative CD20?

Sharon F Vogt svogt at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 28 05:24:02 EST 2000

Hi to all,

I keep wondering about this . . . please help if you can. Where flow
cytometry indicates a CD20 dimly positive population on a lymphoma (i.e.,
CLL) do you see a positive therapeutic effect? Apparently the answer is yes.

What about when you have a CD20-negative lymphoma (i.e. diffuse large cell,
B cell) that is positive by immunohistochemical staining with L26? It seems
to me there there is no _surface_ antigen for the mAb to bind, so that the
value of Rituxan in this situation is questionable. Or is it that the mAb is
internalized somehow and then can bind up the CD20 sites? Or a
try-it-and-see approach?

Please pass along any references I've missed or experiences you've had with
this. Thanks!



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