Hoechst 342 staining of COH cells

Lucy Brown lbrown at coh.org
Thu Sep 28 17:01:28 EST 2000

Hello everyone,

     We have a user who has tried to stain CHO cells with Hoechst 342.  She
     has tried 10ug/ml Ho342 for various time points (15, 30, 45 and
     60minutes) at 37 degrees C.  She has also tried using 2.5ug/ml and
     5ug/ml verapamil along with the hoechst staining.  We are seeing
     improvement in staining with increasing time of incubation with Ho342
     but the staining is still suboptimal (very broad CV for G1).
     Verapamil didn't have much of an effect.  Has anyone stained this cell
     line with Ho342 and has a special modification they would be willing
     to share?  Thank you for your help.

     Lucy Brown
     Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope
     626-359-8111 X3306
     lbrown at coh.org

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