coagulation in leukapheresis

Guo Yalin GUO at
Thu Sep 28 06:04:16 EST 2000

Dear flows,

My project is sorting SP cells, a kind of stem cells from human cord
blood, bone marrow and leukapheresis with Hoechst 33342. During fresh
leukapheresis cells were stained in Hoechst at 37  C, coagulation of
cells always happened. It's not good for both of staining and
sorting. I have tried with 1 mM EDTA and/or 1 U/ml DNase and didn't
get any good result. Does anybody has such experience and has some
solution to prevent the coagulation, which is definitely what I need?
I should appreciate if somebody could tell me in detail soon!

Thank you very much for any suggestion!

Yours sincerely,

Yalin Guo
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