G4 for FACSCalibur - and a dig at Mario!!

J. Paul Robinson jpr at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu
Wed Sep 27 20:23:51 EST 2000

So Mario, when are you going to talk about software that runs on computers that
the other 90% plus that people have.......in terms of world computer
sales, Apple is right up there at .....4%!!

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> I tested FlowJo for a number of different tasks (e.g.,generating
> complex graphical layouts; generating large tabular outputs; even
> analyzing 13-parameter, million-event data files) on G4's vs. G3.
> The G4 was significantly faster (taking into account the clock
> speed), even when the program was not G4-optimized.  I also tested a
> G4-optimized version of FlowJo that takes advantage of the AltiVec
> instructions (no, not yet commercially available!), and it's another
> large step up.
> As more and more applications come out to be AltiVec-aware (and they
> are!), everyone will realize the enormous speed benefit from this
> technology.
> Note that the multi-processing nature of Altivec should not be
> confused with the multi-processing capability of dual-processor
> machines (like the new G4 cube).  There's a completely different set
> of optimizations that programs need to fully take advantage of
> multi-processor machines (and I'm sure that will be forthcoming in
> the next year or two as well).
> Bottom line--G4's are faster, but G3's are a lot cheaper (right now). But
> as more and more applications are Altivec-aware, then there won't be a
> comparison.
> mr
> (PS--Intel-based machines, even the gigaherz processors, don't come
> close to the G4 capabilities.)

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