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Tue Sep 26 12:55:13 EST 2000

Dear Francesca,
I agree with Anna, it might be.  CD38 should be positive as well and
cytoplasmic light chain. Morphology of IC might sometimes resemble to PLL in
terms of necleoli. CLL is unlikely.
These type questions remind me to the following:
The animal is grey and has four legs. Dear expert what do you think? The
weight would strengthen my idead it might be an elephant.
whats about morphology and complete blood count and lymph nodes and spleen
size and electrophoresis? NHL diagnosis cannot be based solely on flow.
You become an expert if you ask these questions yourself.
Doing NHL in flow without microscopy doesn´t make any sense.
The new digital cameras for  500 USD make nice pictures connected to the
microscope which might be stored directly to jpeg, small enough to share
them by e-mail.  Its just the price of one reagent bottle of monoclonals.
And dont stop asking questions ;-).

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