G4 for FACSCalibur

Mario Roederer Roederer at drmr.com
Tue Sep 26 15:16:30 EST 2000

I tested FlowJo for a number of different tasks (e.g.,generating
complex graphical layouts; generating large tabular outputs; even
analyzing 13-parameter, million-event data files) on G4's vs. G3.
The G4 was significantly faster (taking into account the clock
speed), even when the program was not G4-optimized.  I also tested a
G4-optimized version of FlowJo that takes advantage of the AltiVec
instructions (no, not yet commercially available!), and it's another
large step up.

As more and more applications come out to be AltiVec-aware (and they
are!), everyone will realize the enormous speed benefit from this

Note that the multi-processing nature of Altivec should not be
confused with the multi-processing capability of dual-processor
machines (like the new G4 cube).  There's a completely different set
of optimizations that programs need to fully take advantage of
multi-processor machines (and I'm sure that will be forthcoming in
the next year or two as well).

Bottom line--G4's are faster, but G3's are a lot cheaper (right now).
But as more and more applications are Altivec-aware, then there won't
be a comparison.


(PS--Intel-based machines, even the gigaherz processors, don't come
close to the G4 capabilities.)

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