Neutrophil Apoptotic cell line

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John R. Kuhnmuench III asked:

"I am in search of a cell line that may be a model for human

apoptosis.  Does one exist?  If so where could I find it? Thanks,

John R. Kuhnmuench III

Medical College of Wisconsin


You can use HL60 cells - there are a number of procedures

you can use. We have a short review on some of these procedures
which  you can find from Methods in Cell Biology book below

You can download a copy of the chapter from our website

or buy the book!!

Functional Measurements Using HL-60 Cells. In

Reference: Z. Darzynkiewicz, J. P. Robinson, and H. Crissman
(Eds.),  Methods in Cell Biology, Vol 41, p.p. 423-436. Academic
Press, 1994.

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