G4 for FACSCalibur

Keith Bahjat kbahjat at ufl.edu
Mon Sep 25 18:24:38 EST 2000

> Furthermore, to my knowledge
> at least, BD have not upgraded Cellquest to take advantage of the
> Altivec processing capability of the G4 chip.  Therefore, Cellquest will
> not run significantly faster on a G4, than on a G3 rated at the same
> processor clock speed.  Similarly, Cellquest will not run any faster on
> a dual processor G4 running OS 9.x.
> Rob Sutherland
> University Health Network
> University of Toronto

Actually, BD never upgraded CellQuest to take advantage of the PowerPC (i.e.
modified to be a native PowerPC app), much less AltiVec!! I wouldn't hold my
breath for the AltiVec enhanced cellquest any time soon...

BUT, if you use other applications on your cytometer's computer, the G4 may
not be a bad idea. Apps like Photoshop utilize AltiVec and run incredibly
quick on the G4. Nice to have for the future...

The iMate (USB to ADB adapter) is cheap and easy to install, and in my
experience gives 0 trouble. I don't know how much of a "hassle" it is to
connect an extra adapter to the end of the Cellquest dongle?? Certainly less
of a hassle than installing and configuring a G3 upgrade card..

Keith Bahjat
kbahjat at ufl.edu

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