Help on transfection of U937 cells

Kenichi Fujise kenichi.fujise at
Fri Sep 22 07:30:03 EST 2000

Dear flowers,

I have been trying to optimize the transfection of U937 cells with GFP
(Green Fluorescent Protein).
Currently, I transfect them using FuGENE6 with  DNA:Lipid ratio of
1:3-1:5 and monitor the transfection efficiency, using flowcytometry
(FL1), using nontransfected cells as control.

I have not observed any significant increase in FL1 in transfected cells
so far.

If you know a good transfection method on U937 cells, please let me


Dr. Ken Fujise
Research Center for Cardiovascular Diseases,
Institute of Moleculer Medicine for Prevention of Human Diseases
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